Co-Curricular Ensembles

Each of the Following Ensembles are After-School Activities

Symphony Orchestra

The PHS Symphony Orchestra consists of the highest performing members of the String Orchestra and Symphonic Band. This ensemble will perform a very exciting variety of literature.

Jazz Ensemble

The Parkdale Jazz Ensemble is another advanced ensemble that allows the student musician to explore various styles and jazz and blues music in a “big band” format. Standard instrumentation includes 4 (or 5) trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, and 1 bari sax, drum set, piano, bass, and guitar.

PHS String Quartet/Quintet

The string quartet/quintet consists of the highest performing students from each section in the string orchestra. The quartet/quintet will play literature from all musical periods from the Renaissance to the present. This ensemble also performs outside of the traditional concert schedule.

Pep Band

The Parkdale pep band is an ensemble that plays at many home basketball games. The majority of the pep band is made up of members from the Marching Panthers, but other instrumentalists are encouraged to play with the ensemble, especially if they were not able to commit to marching band for the fall.


There will be many other opportunities for small group performance, including Flute Choir, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble. Other small group ensembles will include duets, trios, and quartets. All musicians in the program are encouraged to find friends they enjoy playing with (especially in similar instrument families) and find literature that they can play together. This leads to a higher level of musical independence for the student, and a much more musically proficient ensemble. See the director for help in selecting appropriate literature.